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Zivid::ColorRGBA Struct Reference

Color with 8-bit red, green, blue and alpha channels. More...

#include <Zivid/Color.h>

Inheritance diagram for Zivid::ColorRGBA:
Zivid::ColorRGBABase< uint8_t >

Public Member Functions

 ColorRGBABase ()=default
 ColorRGBABase (T red, T green, T blue, T alpha)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Zivid::ColorRGBABase< uint8_t >
 ColorRGBABase ()=default
 ColorRGBABase (uint8_t red, uint8_t green, uint8_t blue, uint8_t alpha)
ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT bool operator== (const ColorRGBABase &rhs) const
 Check for equality.
ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT bool operator!= (const ColorRGBABase &rhs) const
 Check for inequality.
std::string toString () const
 Get string representation.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Zivid::ColorRGBABase< uint8_t >
using ValueType = uint8_t
 The type of the channel values.
- Public Attributes inherited from Zivid::ColorRGBABase< uint8_t >
uint8_t r
 Red channel.
uint8_t g
 Green channel.
uint8_t b
 Blue channel.
uint8_t a
 Alpha channel.

Detailed Description

Color with 8-bit red, green, blue and alpha channels.

The order of the members is r, g, b, a, and each member is represented as an uint8_t. The members have values from 0 to 255. This type differs from ColorBGRA only in the order of the channels (RGBA vs. BGRA).

This format holds linear color values, which are suitable as input to computer vision algorithms. For showing colors on a display for viewing, consider using the ColorSRGB format.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ColorRGBABase() [1/2]

Zivid::ColorRGBABase< T >::ColorRGBABase ( )


◆ ColorRGBABase() [2/2]

Zivid::ColorRGBABase< T >::ColorRGBABase ( red,


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