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Zivid::NormalXYZ Struct Reference

Normal vector with three coordinates as float. More...

#include <Zivid/Normal.h>

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- Public Types inherited from Zivid::VectorXYZ
using ValueType = float
 The type of the coordinate values.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Zivid::VectorXYZ
 VectorXYZ ()=default
 VectorXYZ (float xCoord, float yCoord, float zCoord)
bool isNaN () const
 Check if the vector is Not-a-Number (invalid)
ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT std::string toString () const
 Get string representation.
ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT bool operator== (const VectorXYZ &rhs) const
 Check for equality.
ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT bool operator!= (const VectorXYZ &rhs) const
 Check for inequality.
- Public Attributes inherited from Zivid::VectorXYZ
ValueType x
 The x element of the vector.
ValueType y
 The y element of the vector.
ValueType z
 The z element of the vector.

Detailed Description

Normal vector with three coordinates as float.

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