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Zivid::SNR Struct Reference

Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR) More...

#include <Zivid/SNR.h>

Public Types

using ValueType = float
 The type of the SNR value.

Public Member Functions

ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT std::string toString () const
 Get the value as string.
ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT bool operator== (const SNR &rhs) const
 Check for equality.
ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT bool operator!= (const SNR &rhs) const
 Check for inequality.

Public Attributes

ValueType value
 SNR value.

Detailed Description

Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR)

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ValueType

using Zivid::SNR::ValueType = float

The type of the SNR value.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator!=()

ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT bool Zivid::SNR::operator!= ( const SNR rhs) const

Check for inequality.

◆ operator==()

ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT bool Zivid::SNR::operator== ( const SNR rhs) const

Check for equality.

◆ toString()

ZIVID_CORE_EXPORT std::string Zivid::SNR::toString ( ) const

Get the value as string.

Member Data Documentation

◆ value

ValueType Zivid::SNR::value

SNR value.

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