Zivid C++ API 2.12.0+6afd4961-1
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 NZividThe main Zivid namespace. All Zivid code is found here
 CDetectionResultA result returned by the detectFeaturePoints(...) call
 CHandEyeInputBinds together a robot pose and the detection result acquired from the pose
 CHandEyeOutputThe hand-eye calibration result containing the computed pose and reprojection errors for all the input poses
 CHandEyeResidualRepresentaton of the estimated errors of a calibrated hand-eye transform
 CMultiCameraOutputThe results from a multi-camera calibration process
 CMultiCameraResidualRepresentation of the estimated errors of a multi-camera calibration
 CPoseDescribes a robot pose
 CSuggestSettingsParametersUsed to specify a constraint on the total capture time for the settings suggested by the Capture Assistant, and optionally specify the ambient light frequency
 CHasValidRangeCheck if T has a ValidRange constraint
 CHasValidSizeCheck if T has a ValidSize constraint
 CHasValidValuesCheck if data model type T has a ValidValues constraint
 CPixelMappingPixel mapping from subsampled to full resolution
 CCategoryBasePreset category. A preset category contains a collection of presets optimized for one scenario or use case
 CPresetBasePresets are pre-defined settings that are tuned for different camera models to perform optimally under different conditions and use cases
 CProjectedImageA handle to a 2D image being displayed on Zivid camera's projector
 CVisualizerSimple visualizer component for point clouds
 CApplicationManager class for Zivid
 CArray2DTwo-dimensional container of data
 CCameraInterface to one Zivid camera
 CCameraInfoInformation about camera model, serial number etc
 CFirmwareVersionThe firmware version on the camera
 CHardwareRevisionHardware revision of this camera. This corresponds to the revision string that is printed on the product label
 CModelThe model of the camera
 CModelNameThe model name of the camera. This is a user-friendly display name that may contain spaces and special characters. We recommend to use Model instead if you want to programmatically check for camera model
 CRevisionMajor/Minor hardware revision number. This field is deprecated and may be removed in a future version of the SDK. Please use HardwareRevision instead
 CSerialNumberThe serial number of the camera
 CUserDataInformation about user data capabilities of the camera
 CCameraIntrinsicsInformation about the intrinsic parameters of the camera (OpenCV model)
 CCameraMatrixThe camera matrix K (=[fx,0,cx;0,fy,cy;0,0,1])
 CDistortionThe radial and tangential distortion parameters
 CCameraStateInformation about camera connection state, temperatures, etc
 CAvailableFlag if camera is physically connected to the computer and is available for use, but not connected in software. This corresponds to the Status enums available or firmwareUpdateRequired. Zivid recommends to use the Status enum instead of this bool
 CConnectedFlag if camera is connected in software. This bool is true when the Status value is connected. Zivid recommends to use the Status enum instead of this bool
 CInaccessibleReasonIf the camera status is inaccessible, then this enum value will give you the reason
 CNetworkCurrent network state
 CStatusThis enum describes the current status of this camera. The enum can have the following values:
 CTemperatureCurrent temperature(s)
 CColorBGRAColor with 8-bit blue, green, red and alpha channels
 CColorRGBAColor with 8-bit red, green, blue and alpha channels
 CColorSRGBColor with 8-bit red, green, blue and alpha channels in the sRGB color space
 CComputeDeviceContains information about the compute device used by Zivid::Application
 CExceptionA common base class for all Zivid exceptions
 CFrameA frame captured by a Zivid camera
 CFrame2DA 2D frame captured by a Zivid camera
 CFrameInfoVarious information for a frame
 CSoftwareVersionThe version information for installed software at the time of image capture
 CSystemInfoInformation about the system that captured this frame
 CTimeStampThe time of frame capture
 CImageA 2-dimensional image
 CMatrixA fixed size matrix in row major order
 CNormalXYZNormal vector with three coordinates as float
 CPointCloudPoint cloud with x, y, z, RGB color and SNR laid out on a 2D grid
 CPointXYPoint with two coordinates as float
 CPointXYZPoint with three coordinates as float
 CPointXYZColorBGRAStruct which contains XYZ point and BGRA color packed together
 CPointXYZColorRGBAStruct which contains XYZ point and RGBA color packed together
 CPointXYZWPoint with four coordinates as float
 CPointZPoint with Z coordinate
 CRangeClass describing a range of values for a given type T
 CResolutionClass describing a resolution with a width and a height
 CSettingsSettings used when capturing with a Zivid camera
 CAcquisitionSettings for a single acquisition
 CAcquisitionsList of Acquisition objects
 CDiagnosticsWhen Diagnostics is enabled, additional diagnostic data is recorded during capture and included when saving the frame to a .zdf file. This enables Zivid's Customer Success team to provide better assistance and more thorough troubleshooting
 CEngineSet the Zivid Vision Engine to use
 CProcessingSettings related to processing of a capture, including filters and color balance
 CRegionOfInterestRemoves points outside the region of interest
 CSamplingSampling settings
 CSettings2DSettings used when capturing 2D images with a Zivid camera
 CAcquisitionSettings for a single acquisition
 CAcquisitionsList of acquisitions. Note that the Zivid SDK only supports a single acquisition per capture in 2D mode
 CProcessingProcessing related settings
 CSamplingSampling settings
 CSNRSignal-to-Noise ratio (SNR)
 CVectorXYZVector with three coordinates as float